A penny for my thoughts

So back in 2011 when our generation were just getting used to Facebook (god we ARE old), I started, what I can only describe as, a ‘deep and meaningful’ blog on Blogspot (I know right, clever name *sass emoj*). Although you might not have the time, I just thought I’d share the posts with you here, you know, just in case. In case you find yourself one endless night getting lost inside a black hole of social media content and would rather choose to not sleep than get at least one full hour before your alarm inevitably goes off. Or something.

Not gonna lie to you, they get PRETTY DEEP and at times, dramatic (ofc), or are just really quite sad. But apparently they’re what got me though life for the past seven years, which has to account for something?

Here you go, they’ll appear here as I import them – and don’t worry, you don’t have to give me a penny..


Manageable chunks – when you realise every aspect of your life needs sorting out (LOL)

If my life is for rent – when you feel like nothing you have is really yours, even your home (thanks Dido babes)

Everyone has a strength – realising that you are actually better at the very thing you chose not to do (or pursue)



Too late? – apparently I had already blogged about grief..