I've had to reconsider about ten times how to go about this post. I ideally want to be informative, share my feelings in a calm yet entertaining fashion whilst not getting upset or hinting for sympathy or attention.  To be honest I don't know if I'm even gonna hit one of those things this time. … Continue reading SCREW YOU MENTAL ILLNESS, SCREW YOU UNIVERSE


Mental Health Awareness Week

HEY there you. To give you a mental image right now, I’m writing this on the train and I’ve just gone by a circus. The sun is slowly setting and I’m now overly conscious of the fact I’m still wearing my sunglasses (as precautionary measure for a migraine than anything else- honest) So, as I’m … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week


So some of you keep asking me when I'm doing another blog post, and as much as I love you reading them, the truth is, I just haven't been in the mood to write. Why? I wish I could tell you, come up with some simple legitimate reason like I've just been too busy or … Continue reading Anxiety-depression-whatever