What I learnt from my Lent-inspired social media cleanse

HEY Lori here, so if you know me as Lorraine, you'll maybe remember something I put on Facebook and Twitter about a social media cleanse not that long ago.. and I'm basically writing this post to explain (in case you were wondering) what exactly happened with this, with a possible (okay, definite) rant about social … Continue reading What I learnt from my Lent-inspired social media cleanse


Hey there, thanks for coming to my next post. It's a bit of a late-night one. Or early morning, or late morning actually. Who knows, it may be afternoon for you. Anyway.. whatever the time is for you right now, this post is a little different to my usuals. I said when I first started … Continue reading WATCH THIS SPACE

GRIEF – What it actually involves

There comes a time in our lives, often unexpectedly, where you or someone you know loses a loved one. Whether it's your nan or grandad or even one of your parents, the truth is nothing can really prepare you for what happens next. Grieving isn't just feeling sad and realising how much you're going to … Continue reading GRIEF – What it actually involves