Mental Health Awareness Week

HEY there you. To give you a mental image right now, I’m writing this on the train and I’ve just gone by a circus. The sun is slowly setting and I’m now overly conscious of the fact I’m still wearing my sunglasses (as precautionary measure for a migraine than anything else- honest) So, as I’m … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Week

What I learnt from my Lent-inspired social media cleanse

HEY Lori here, so if you know me as Lorraine, you'll maybe remember something I put on Facebook and Twitter about a social media cleanse not that long ago.. and I'm basically writing this post to explain (in case you were wondering) what exactly happened with this, with a possible (okay, definite) rant about social … Continue reading What I learnt from my Lent-inspired social media cleanse


Hey there, thanks for coming to my next post. It's a bit of a late-night one. Or early morning, or late morning actually. Who knows, it may be afternoon for you. Anyway.. whatever the time is for you right now, this post is a little different to my usuals. I said when I first started … Continue reading WATCH THIS SPACE