Hey there, so thanks to your curiosity, you’ve come across my blog. In case you’re wondering – this isn’t an overly personal blog (or so I hope) that I’m writing like a diary, nor is it one that posts tips of what products to buy based on my personal experience with a bottle of conditioner (not that there’s anything wrong with that). None of that lark. Nor is it a place where you will find up to date fashion/beauty advice or the latest gossip about the Kardashians or Kendall Jenner. (In fact, I don’t honestly know how the Kardashians or Kendall Jenner are related or why they are even famous, or why I am even mentioning them – but that’s neither here nor there.)

What I can promise you though, is an insight into the mind of an overthinking, analytical, mildly creative, (dare I say?) small person, who has an apparent tendency of using brackets when they talk (write). Sorry! (and if I just happen to use a really amazing bottle of conditioner that I want to share with you, or a song that I can’t stop listening to on Spotify, I will – people can change their minds, ya know).

If you know me as Lorraine, you will know that I am well on the way to recovery from a crippling anxiety that at one point,  thought I was never going to escape from. I genuinely thought that I had 25 years of life, and that was all I was getting. Pretty scary actually. If you don’t though, you sure do now and (if you like) will get to know me as Lori, my sort of online doppelgänger. (You can tell I have been watching way too much of The Vampire Diaries – which I STILL haven’t watched the finale of by the way).

Fortunately for me though, I was able to get out of my own hostile mind and begin – what has hopefully been so far – an interesting and humble road to recovery. And I hope to share it with you, for you to know you’re not alone in whatever you think (or do) – whether you are a fellow mental health sufferer or not – and whoever you may be. I’d like for you to relate to these crazy thoughts and ways, and embrace your inner weirdness (thanks Cara Delevigne). Coz let’s face it, none of us really know where we are going in life (unless you’ve completely got your sh*t together of course). Life is a journey and all that- and, just like in High School Musical, we’re all in it together. (FYI that’s the one and only HSM reference you’ll find here.)

I therefore invite you, potential follower, to come along this journey with me. (I was about to make a pun there but decided against it as it really REALLY lowered the tone I’ve got going on here.)

So sometimes I might get deep (not gonna lie – check out my super deep posts ‘penny for my thoughts’ here) but sometimes I won’t. Sometimes i’ll ramble on (like this) but sometimes it’ll be smaller (I promise i’ll try!)  Oh and if you’re wondering what the ‘part-time’ is all about above, (which I’m sure you are, right?) basically I love to write – I always have done. (I was one of those little girls who would write loads of made-up stories about fairies and magical kittens and trees – needless to say, I’ve grown out of that) But I still love for people to read what I write. Not so I can be like ‘omg two hundred and thirty-thousand people follow me’,  but so I can be reassured by the possibility that someone, somewhere,  can relate to what I’m saying. I write (and quote) ‘not because I want to say something, but because I have something I want to say’. (I would credit the writer I got that from but I honestly can’t remember – bad writer alert right there.)

It’s just finding that time though – to sit down by a keyboard and just communicate my thoughts, in a way that’s interesting and mildly entertaining, so you at least have SOME reason to carry on reading. But, as you know, it’s hard enough maintaining your health, your diet, your beauty regime, your career, your social life, family life, and finances, as well as strategically planning your hair washes and your future in general – that there’s barely any time to make a herbal tea, let alone write. Especially when you’ve already been at a computer screen all day.

So, here’s to writing without commitment, thanks for stopping by (yes I AM aware how American that sounds), and if you decide to check out my blog by all means do (you know, if you’ve got the time).

All the love,



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