Hey there, thanks for coming to my next post. It’s a bit of a late-night one. Or early morning, or late morning actually. Who knows, it may be afternoon for you. Anyway.. whatever the time is for you right now, this post is a little different to my usuals.

I said when I first started this that I didn’t want it to be diary (not that there’s anything wrong with that), so I’m not going to tell you what has changed in my life since I last posted, nor am I going to tell you what I’ve been up to or what bottle of conditioner I last used. Instead I’m going to apologise for not posting in a while (standard) and let you know that this is actually a learning curve for me. I keep thinking what you, my readers (hopefully plural), would actually like to read. What you’ll be able to relate to, and what will affect you. Because that’s my hope, you know. That you’ll take something from it. I’m not trying to get famous (although that does have it’s appeal) I just like to write and if you’re reading this, you obviously like to read, (or are just really bored –  hopefully it’s both) so you never know, hopefully things might work out for the both of us.

I guess like with anything, it’s a confidence thing. All the while i’m questioning what I’m going to write for you, I’m getting all anxious about it and not writing anything, which is pretty dull for us both. So, I’m pleased to tell you I now have a plan. I’ll bullet point it to make it go into your pretty little brains easier. So. From this point forward I’M GOING TO:

  • Post more regularly (yay!)
  • Continue to post about mental health (hopefully in an interesting way)
  • Post about the highs and woes of being a twenty-something, or sorry – a ‘millennial’ (which is all of us who were born between 1982 and 2004 in case you were wondering)
  • Post about what inspires me..
  • Sometimes post personal stuff that might not appeal to all of you, but may some – i.e., if you, or know someone who has been through a similar thing.
  • Try not to make posts epically long (This one might be hard one but I will try my best)
  • Continue to use brackets every 5 seconds (soz).

So yeah, that’s that. I’ve actually got a couple of ideas what to post next, it may be a bit heavy going, but bear with me. I’ll do fun stuff too.

I’ll be playing around with my blog as well, so don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t look the same as the last time or if a link doesn’t work or you don’t like the colour or whatever. I’ll figure it out.

One final thing – you may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been a bit tweet-crazy on the ol’ Twitter recently. If you wanna give it another chance (all the celebs are doing it – look at JK Rowling) give me a follow HERE. I’ll of course follow you back. I’m nice like that and plus I’m interested in what you have to say. (After all, there’s only so many memes you can tag your friends in on Facebook, and how else are you gonna keep on top of what Trumpy is up to?) And I do try and make my tweets mildly entertaining (with the odd petition here and there, just FYI). And if anything interesting comes up at work I’ll share that too. You’ll soon get the idea of what I do now (or not if you’re not even interested in Twitter, or me for that matter, in which case don’t worry about it – no hard feelings here).

Right it’s bloody late so I just want to end by saying a massive thank you for reading this post, and here’s to our potential future e-lationship. (Yep, I have deffo just made that up but let’s roll with it.)

Goodnight, and WATCH THIS SPACE. (If you want to, that is)



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