17 Things you Realise in your early 20’s

So I know I seem to bang on about anxiety and stuff so I thought I’d do more of a general post. Got a bit of inspo and racked my brain a bit and here’s what I came up with (or rather, coming up with as I’m making it up as I go along, but I probably shouldn’t have told you that).

SO, 17 Things you Realise in your early 20’s:

1. That gradually the years are getting quicker.
Ever heard of the saying “Time goes faster as you get older”?  Well if you haven’t you have now. It’s true, why else would you be noticing like it’s Christmas AGAIN?? No it’s not you, time really is speeding up now. Fact. Just look at the kids in your family that are no longer babies..

2. That friends really do come and go.
Now that we’ve grown up (sorta) and left school, we’re racking up quite a few friends.. Friends from school, friends from uni, friends from your first part time job, friends from your first full time job, friends you met through friends, friends you met at your second full time job, friends you met at dance classes, running clubs, book clubs – you get the idea. Your life is constantly changing, you make job changes, lifestyle changes and sometimes friends don’t stay the same. But that’s okay. Bottom line  –  your circles of friends constantly change, and guess what? That’s perfectly okay. Our lives are at their most versatile point, and that’s what’s so exciting.

3. That TV is SO outdated.
Who needs a TV these days?! Netflix or those streaming websites – you know the ones – are where all the good programmes are at, minus certain BBC dramas and cringe worthy ‘tele’ like Take Me Out. It’s a guilty pleasure I’m sure.

4. That your opinions will change and change again.
Remember when you didn’t like sweetcorn? Or when you loved the tube? Don’t worry, you’re not having an identity crisis, you have just become less fussy, or understandably become more inpatient on your daily tube commute. Like the seasons, any opinions you previously had are changing, and that’s okay. I know somebody who’s just decided to become Hindu. Remember you’re versatile. Your opinions and beliefs do not define you.

5. That avocados and coconut water are now something to shout about.
None of us are sure when this avocado craze started but for some of us, its the best thing since crumpets. Avocado on your salad, avocado with your chicken, avocado with salmon, avocado as a snack whilst prepping your avocado with chicken.. The possibilities are endless. And as for coconut water, I had a friend that only had that stocked in her fridge once for a date – just horrendous.

6. That those late nights out have become far and few between.
Gone are the nights when you’d party till your feet hurt and noticed a drastic reduction in your bank balance the next morning, as well as in normal bodily functioning. I’m not saying that you don’t go out and have fun anymore, it’s just Ben and Jerry and a onesie or a late night call to a friend with a tea, now seems so much more appealing.

7. That a McDonalds is still as amazing as when you were a kid.
It’s still a treat, it’s just you that has to pay the price (including at the gym later).

8. The dilemma of Coke and Diet Coke tasting horrendous from a plastic bottle and only slightly better from a can.
Take us to the nearest pub and have a glass on tap, or, even better, a refillable Nandos.

Speaking of which..

 9. That there is ALWAYS an occasion for that ‘cheeky’ NANDOS.
Whether it’s with work mates, housemates, introducing your mother, an unexpected reunion, realising that Nandos is always an option is definitely something you can’t ignore.

10. That it’s still okay to think about your past relationship(s).
It may have been a few years ago, but the cheesy saying is true, you never do forget your first love. Your first ex will always have a tiny part of your heart and that doesn’t have to change. So long as you’re over them, and they you, there’s nothing stopping you from being friends.

11. That Facebook is the most pretentious thing on this earth.
The whole idea of Facebook just being a mirage of whatever life you want to show to the world is completely true. Some people post just their highlights, some just the lowlights, and some exactly what they ate or when they went for a blood test. And I know that we all like our soppy statuses and comments as much as the next person. But just keep in mind, it’s just a show guys. Actually living your life and conversing with people is way more important than getting 300 likes on your latest ‘no makeup’ selfie.

12. That you can’t live without Spotify or other offline steaming provider.
Only £10 a month I hear you say?! It’s the same price as buying an album each month so why not.. All music on the go everywhere. (Except Taylor Swift) It’s amazing.

which links us nicely to..

13. That money never goes very far.
Somehow a quarter of the money we just got paid is gone (on all these necessary direct debits like Spotify and our iPhone contract) Gone are the days where you had a student loan and no bills to pay.. The money that you earn now is precious and although never seems to be enough, it goes quicker than you might think as we realise that EVERYTHING costs money. It’s a sad fact of life.

14. You can do absolutely anything.
I bet you have lost count of the times people have said to you, “the world is your oyster”. It’s true. We’re at a time of our lives where we can literally take any path. Start a family, do that PHD, travel Europe and Asia, land that marketing job, get that acting career. If you really put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. Which brings me to..

15. That your childhood dreams actually can happen, only to realise that they can’t
– only to realise that they possibly can,
(no thanks to those cheesy self empowerment posters) only to realise that sadly it’s more or less impossible and things that you can’t control are in your way. Sigh. Don’t worry, it’s okay to have a dream crisis, (or two, or five), just know when it’s time to put it on the shelf and have a new big dream. And hey, not everyone has dreams anyway (except maybe when you sleep..)

Speaking of which.. Realising:

16. That you still go to bed with some sort of soft toy – or even better, a ‘blanky’.
Whether you’re single or in a relationship it doesn’t matter, you never will become unattached to that penguin or Flounder or Bashful the dwarf or whatever sort of pal you need. And we’re totally cool with that.

And finally..

17. That you, like everyone else has no idea what they’re doing or where their life is going.
We’re all the same just bumbling around in this frantic world of money and friends and jobs and relationships, trying to put the pieces together. Sometimes you don’t need to have a plan, it’s just a case of finding out what makes you happy. For me, although I have down times, posting a new blog post that I think people will like gives me a (slightly scary but good) buzz that I need, and even if you question this, you will find your own buzz. You just will. So keep going.

We totally got this.



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