Self-pressure (and how to deal with it)

So today. Whilst wondering how long I should leave it to write another blog post, at the same time as worrying how I actually need to keep up something that I’ve started, and after deciding not to venture out for a run in this horrifically dismal weather (yes it is THAT bad and yes I’m aware of how long this sentence is) and after copious amounts of tea, I finally sat down and apparently started rambling. I thought, hey, instead of worrying about it (which never solves anything) and getting anxious about it (i swear social media anxiety is a thing which is a bit tricky when starting out a blog – is that irony I don’t know?) I thought let’s write. Let’s write about this pressure that seems to have taken a hold in my brain. Self-pressure, if you will.

I swear so many of us today, in whatever situation you’re in, put so much unnecessary pressure on ourselves that it actually hinders us even more. Say, for example, that you are starting out a blog. With that comes responsibility, the whole nature of a blog is that you FREQUENTLY update it with posts and stuff that you think people might want to read. (Here’s hoping). But how often should you post? And what on earth should you post about? And who am I anyway? Just because I’ve seen a couple of blogs that inspired me and signed up to Bloglovin, (which i’m still checking out by the way) doesn’t mean that I am suddenly the Queen of Blogs. (that should definitely be a card suit)  It’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by it all which is enough to put you off posting completely. Honestly. So what can you do about it? Well here’s my thinking..

Acknowledge how you feel about it
It’s okay to feel a little (ok a lot) overwhelmed by the whole blogging prospect. It’s a new thing, and like anything, opens up a whole new world for you that you need to get your head round. Just chill, it’s fine. Acknowledge whatever it is your feeling and let it pass like a leaf on a stream. (Little bit of imagery for you there).

Think about structure
Your brain has thought about all this anyway so why not structure it in a way that is clear and concise.  Like an essay. You’ll get more satisfaction coming up with points you want to write about then padding them out once you’ve recognised them all. Your brain is reassured that you’ve got all the necessary items down and you’re able to talk about them to no end when it comes to it. See? Clear and concise. (unlike this point)So have in your head, or write it down if you prefer, a list. Like i’m going to follow a few of these blogs that take my fancy rather than OMG LOOK AT ALL THESE CATEGORIES AND PEOPLE AND POSTS AND NOW I HAVE 200 BLOGS IN MY NEWSFEED AND I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START READING THEM OR WHAT I’M DOING TRYING TO BLOG ANYWAY. Calm down. You are not a machine.

And yes maybe all this is just meant to happen naturally and you’ll look in your newsfeed and just happen to have lots of things that interest you but when you’re too conscious of something you can’t help it. (and that’s ok) So structure. Set out in your mind what little things you can do to realise that this mountain that you’ve created is actually a lot of little molehills. (oh hey moley!)

Now you’ve got a structure (and a picture of a mole in your head) you now need to think about what goes where. If you’ve got this image of everything being all over the place – Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, bloglovin, tumblr, weheartit, and what you’re gonna post on what and link to what. Put some things in categories. It’s like algebra, put like items together. (And we say school never taught us anything..) For example,  I’ll find pictures on pinterest and tumblr and weheart it if I have time, to use on my blog and instagram.

Go with it
As I’m wondering how on earth I’m coming up with half this stuff and questioning my own sanity as I’m somehow laughing on the inside and feeling slightly like Carrie Bradshaw, (I wish) just go with it. Don’t question it, it’s happening. We’re fine.

And finally..

Always remember – you’re amazing, you matter, and you are capable
It’s apparently really good to have your own personal mantra to cheer yourself on, before any one else can. Be your own cheerleader. I made up one – You’re amazing, you matter and you are capable. Take that if you want, or make your own. Either way, repeat it when you need to. G-O  Y-O-U.

So that folks, is IMO what to follow when you’re putting all this pressure on yourself and approaching something that seems overwhelming. It’s not. Trust me. Whatever it is, a new job, a hobby- whatever, you’ve got this.

And with that I better stop, because only I would be able to write a blog about blogging about blogging..

Over and out.



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