Day 1 of 2016

So it’s a new year. 2016. And what better way to write my very first blog post. Yay for new year! Goodbye 2015! (and good riddance you were crap).

Ok so I could go on and say that if you had a bad year, or didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted to that it doesn’t matter because it made you a stronger person and made who you are today. But I won’t. That’s too obvious to write about, and quite cringe really. (But i thought I’d mention it anyway in case you like that sort of thing).

So it’s day 1 of 365 in 2016 and here I am, with my incense burning, on my bed with rainbow fairy lights, listening to Spotify weekly and wondering how I should be spending it. So somehow I ended up writing.

So what to write about.. so let’s talk about new year. People may say (including me) that 2015 was a bad year or a good year, but what do we really mean?  To what extent is it our responsibility to whether we have a good or bad year? And how much is it up to the the year 2016 and what it throws at you? I guess it’s a bit of both. I think it all comes down to having a good relationship with your mind. I think it’s called ‘mindfulness’. Maybe you know more about it? Mindfulness or not, I think you basically need to have a good relationship with your mind, to better control your life. To find your own inner calm within all the chaos. (Okay, so we’re getting a bit deep but don’t worry, it’s cool).

So instead of thinking of resolutions and how much weight you want to lose, think instead of what attitude you want to take. Are you going to feel sorry for yourself as 2015 wasn’t your year and something HAS to happen in 2016 to make up for it? Or are you going to take 2016 by the horns with the attitude of ‘I’M going to make this a good year, better than the last. Whatever it is, a new job, returning to an old job, making new friends, seeing more of existing ones, getting more exercise, go travelling and see the world, spend more time with family, YOU need to make it happen.

Although 2016 may throw an opportunity your way, YOU need to have the right attitude to take it, and to enable it to happen in the first place. Don’t give 2016 all the control. YOU are in control. So when you may say 2016 is your year, (which in all fairness it could be) just remember that 2016 needs you too, don’t leave it up to 2016 to be good or bad, don’t give it that control, YOU are always in control. You have the possibility to make anything happen, how big or small. And if lemons do come your way, throw a party and make vodka lemonade, YOU have the ability to get through anything. Trust me.

And with that peeps, I hope 2016 lets you accomplish whatever it is you want to, no matter how big or small. You CAN make it happen. Go for it, because at the end of the day, this day 1 of 365, what have you got to lose?

Happy New Year,



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