Missing pieces

Ever get the feeling where you’ve lost a bit of who you are? Where you look back over the years, where you’ve lived, the things you’ve done, jobs you’ve had, people you’ve met, and somewhere along the way you’ve lost something. You can’t quite work out what it is exactly, just that you preferred having it (whatever it was).
And you haven’t really missed it until now, you’ve been too busy floating along, getting too caught up in experiences and decisions and focussing on just making them work that you’ve forgotten the most important part – being yourself. I’m not saying that you’ve been pretending to be someone else – or maybe you have – but more you haven’t been yourself completely. Haven’t taken the time to exploit the life that you’ve chosen. Explored what you’re into, what you like, what you want. You’re missing something. Doing the bare minimum to get by just isn’t enough, you need more.
Sometimes I think we’re too busy trying all these different things that we forget the bigger picture. That these experiences, actually are building on top of one another, moulding together, and are not in fact separate mutually exclusive events. They mean something. We forget, that the series of events – chapters, in our lives with all the different places and people have developed us, not just the bad times as the old saying goes, but all of it. The highs. The times when it all felt right. You maybe didn’t know where you were going or where you’re headed but it was enough. You related to the people you surrounded yourself with and were too busy being who you are that you never had the time to question it. We forget that these series of events, moments, that seem to just pass by us, like towns on a motorway, add up to what our lives are. That each moment meant something. And instead of putting it in a box, we’ve forgotten to take it with us.
We haven’t stayed the same throughout our journey, or equally, been different people each time, but have adapted to the little bits around us, the people, friends. You can spend every day with someone or a group of people and then times change and you’re with new people and sharing your life with them. Maybe it’s this constant change of people that is the cause of this questioning, the missing piece. Different people allow you to become a different part of yourself, but maybe you have been shaping yourself around the people, being who you want to be, and it’s not until these people aren’t physically around you anymore that you realise you’ve lost a little part of you with them. And you’re too busy dwelling on what’s missing to make the most of what’s around you now.
The thing is, you’re still you. You might not be able to define it, or always know what you want, but you’ll come to realise that you don’t need people to be you. The only one on this journey with you is you, and it’s up to you to not just ride it, but exploit it. Find the missing pieces and embrace it. So, what exactly are you waiting for..?


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