People change. It’s not even a conscious thing, or maybe sometimes it is. Maybe one day or over a few days you decide you’re getting sick of who you are or how people make you feel and you decide to change. Change tactics. Become someone different. Either way, aspects about you change, or the little things about you become bigger, and some things, smaller. This would be okay if the only person you affect is you. But it’s not. 
Little do you know, someone may be falling in love with a part of you that is somehow slowly disappearing. And there’s nothing either of you can do about it. 
Maybe soon you’re both strangers. You’re not in each other’s lives anymore but watching the other live theirs, without you. You’ve both changed. Maybe you had to, and there’s no point in wondering why or what if because you can’t change a person. And no one can forcibly change you. For whatever reason, your story with that person had to end. Even if you didn’t want it to. 
Though what if there’s still a tiny part of you that hasn’t given up? That refuses to believe that all that you shared and learnt from each other unlike anything you’ve ever known, that feeling of home you once felt, was all for nothing? That still believes that one day, that person that you once knew will come back. People change. It’s not completely out of the question.. is it? 
‘This person is your soulmate, don’t ever let this person go’. 

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