We all have those moments where we look back on our lives, and wonder where the time went. You might hear people say ‘Can you believe it’s Christmas already?!’ or ‘October just went didn’t it?!’ And maybe a bit of ‘Where is this month going??’. Its weird to think that time always stays the same. Its just our concept of it that changes. But why? You might even think to yourself ‘Where have I been these past few months?’ It’s not until you take a second to look around you and realize that you haven’t been appreciating as much as you should have. Or would have liked. You’ve been living in a place that you don’t even know for two months now, you have only been to one of the restaurants and don’t know what’s really there. There have been opportunities you’ve missed out on because you were otherwise preoccupied, had a lot of things to stress about so didn’t end up doing any of them. You may have missed job opportunities because you let things get too much.. realized that you needed to sort things but tried to do it all at the same time and failed.

It’s a bit like juggling. You know you should try and juggle more balls, you need to.. but if you have too many you lose focus and end up dropping them all. And you realize it’s easier to stick with one. Have that one ball that you can just focus all your attention on. You know it’s not okay to do that. But you convince yourself it is because it’s easier.. it’s less stressful that way. You know you need to juggle more, but why when you’re quite happy throwing one in the air and catching it? It’s safe. And you have control of it. (Most of the time.) 

It’s not until you look around and see everyone else juggling with three, or more. Some even have ten. AND they make it look easy. There gets to a point when you have to question where this ball is getting you, and why you’re sticking with it; what it’s saying about you as a juggler, and what it is about it that is stopping you from juggling more. Maybe you need a new one, or maybe you need to change the way you’re throwing it. Either way, something needs to change. It’s not good for you any more to continue juggling with (well, throwing) this one ball. You need to think of a strategy. Maybe it’s time to start building up more balls, or change balls completely and get new ones. Maybe it’s a case of finding ones you’ve already dropped. Only you will know. You’re the juggler. You’re in control. You’re in control of your control even. You’re the only one that will realize the amount of balls you can juggle and how to do it. 
Time never changes. But if you spend too much of your time juggling one ball, you get used to it and time flies. (notice the pun) Juggling more balls, even gradually, makes you more aware of how you’re juggling.. you have more things to focus on. You are made to be more alert. And that’s when you start to realize the opportunities around you. You just need to learn from your mistakes, and recognise the point when you’re starting to lose control. Maybe you need to lose a ball sometimes, and that’s okay. The trick of it is not let them all fall. But then you knew that anyway, didn’t you? 

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