Thinkers and thinking theories

So today I got into thinking about, well, thinking. I think that there are different types of thinkers.

First you have the shallow thinkers, not necessarily in a bad way, but for whatever reason, their thinking only brushes the surface. They see what they want to see, simply, and if it’s perhaps too complicated they don’t feel the need to delve further. Then you have the people who don’t think of themselves as shallow and can see the differences in the people that are. Their layers of thought can often depend on the situation. People regard them as ‘deep’ thinkers, but in fact they are probably deep thinkers themselves. When you get one deep thinker with another, the conversation has the potential to reach depths neither one of the deep thinkers thought possible. These thinkers tend to think more into a situation that probably necessary but are often thoughtful, and tend to recognise when others are in deep thought.

I think now there is a third category. A sub-category stemming from the deep thinkers. Their thoughts have so many layers, that sometimes their old thoughts get lost in the depths, and it’s not until they are triggered that they are found again. These people have stored these thoughts and feelings there for a reason, not forgetting them completely, but storing them in a place, perhaps subconsciously, in order to protect themselves. I’ve heard that. That when something traumatic happens to us, our brains make us ‘forget’ about it, in order to protect us, to protect our sanity. Because when you think about it, how would we function if we had all these horrible and confusing thoughts playing on our mind all the time? We wouldn’t. Mental illness is proof of that. But what if our body is able to protect us from our own thoughts, for the long term? That because maybe it’s just not the right time to think about it yet. That in time, these thoughts that we’ve stored are able to come up to the surface so that we can act on them? Surely they are being stored for a reason. Maybe one day we’ll find out why. Only time will tell. For now, we’ll just stick to the layers on the surface. However deep that surface is…



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