Through the eyes of a child

Have you ever wondered how a child sees the world? They’re maybe 2 or 3, and all they want to do is explore. Ask questions. Some even don’t stop talking. They blabber and ‘why?’ and chat and sometimes don’t even say what they mean – and you catch them out. They call someone by the wrong name, or get distracted by something and say the wrong word. They often imitate us, which is sometimes just funny and you can’t help but laugh out loud and call them a nutter. They try to act like us, try to be in the know and become aware of the situation, tell you what to do.

But how do they really see the world? They may not consciously think about it, but ultimately – for most, they are comforted that someone, or certain people that they may or may not know are doing it, are reassuring them – providing them with a safety blanket. They don’t think twice about decisions because they don’t have to. Someone will clear up after them if it goes wrong. Make sure it’s all okay again. They can just be them, without thinking twice. They are constantly looking for your reaction, I think it’s how they learn. Without realizing it, they study us. When they meet someone for the first time, no matter how confident or shy they appear, they judge us. You meet a shy toddler of the family for the first time and they don’t want to know you, but after watching you, by the end of the day they are looking up to you and want to be close to you: a relationship is formed.

Children seem to make friends so easily – once they’re brave enough to ask the other child’s name. They identify a similarity and get it so that they can express themselves – they get close to others so that they can be themselves. This is something I think we never lose. Sometimes I wonder how long it takes people to feel confident with others.. longer for some I think. It must depend on the combination of personalities. Our quickness to judge and for that child instinct to kick in… “Can I be myself around this person?” But the main thing that stops us, is that we’ve developed more barriers. We know that we are responsible for ourselves. There’s no longer that someone that can take us out of a bad situation and make things okay again. That person becomes us, and this makes us wary. We constantly have to to assess the situation and make a decision, because it’s us that has to experience the consequences. They say that you learn from your mistakes, and you ‘won’t know until you don’t try’. But what if you’re pretty sure that you’ll be worse off than you are now but part of you is saying ‘do it anyway’? A child would probably just do it, but we’ll have to live with that set back – and life is precious. This is it. So yeah, it’s good to be spontaneous, follow your dreams. But it could also be a waste of time. Time that you lose, time that you could have spent getting to where you’re going to end up anyway. Because no one is going to take you out of your bad choice and make you happy.

It’s all up to us. But this is what makes us the same. We’re all in the same boat with our decisions – and none of us are children anymore. We all have the same responsibility – ourselves, and we all only have one life – now. If we can identify similarities with people as a child and act upon it, then why don’t we now? Why are we not all closer? Why do we waste time? We all still have this instinct to find others, to allow us to be ‘us’. We should use it more. Because when you think about it, this is the one thing we’ve always known how to do on our own. To find ourselves by finding others. We shouldn’t lose that. Because no matter who you know or who your friends are or how you act, we’re all the same really.



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