Familiar feelings..

There’s something about being in the company of couples.. when you’re not a couple that is.

There are so many moments that pass us by, like towns on the train. Some are insignificant, but there are others that stop us in their tracks. They somehow feel important. Real.

Being with them makes you feel comfortable, familiar.. home? Chatting on the bed, sitting in the back of a car, it’s so easy to feel like a child – in a good way. How you can just close your eyes and feel comforted. Right then and there, knowing that you’re safe, in good hands. Right then, there’s no other place you’d like to be… Than surrounded by people that make you feel yourself. Like the feeling when you were the first to wake up at a sleepover, but would pretend you were asleep, just to listen to the friends that surrounded you. Smiling to yourself when they nearly made you laugh and spoil your little secret. It’s then you realize how lucky you are, and that you’re, well, happy.

Except this feeling is more, different to what you’re used to. You learn to cherish moments like these. Sometimes they don’t come that often. Role models. The reassurance. That this for you is yet to come. And you realize, right now this is what you want. To be a part of it.. to finally find out what all the fuss is about. What you’ve been waiting for. They have this way of giving you a glimpse into what you could be missing. But not in a cringe, in your face, going to be sick way (most of the time..) In a ‘this is what’s important way.’

There’s something about being in the company of couples. Something that you can hold onto. Something beautiful. Did  I say couples? I meant, well yes that is exactly what I meant..



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