Possibly inspired by a certain beautiful actress from a certain soap..

We all have our favourite type of cheese. That’s if you like cheese. (If you don’t, think of your favourite dessert.) Whether it’s cheese or pudding, we always have that same thing that we’re used to. That makes us feel good. Gives us our ‘cheese identity’, if you will.

Some of us go through life sticking to the same cheese. They’re happy with their cheddar, (or icecream) and wouldn’t change it for the world. They’re maybe perhaps tempted and try different types of cheeses, and may even go through a stage of eating say, Dairylea triangles. But they’d never stop liking their cheddar. They never change to something else completely.

Then there are those of us who begin to get tired of eating cheddar all the time. Bored even, and begin taking regular helpings of cammembert. (or apple pie). The more cammembert we have, the less we miss the cheddar. Cammembert is more exciting and tastes different. New. It feels more ‘us’, and we may grow in confidence knowing other cammemberts.

But everyone who knows us, knows that we like cheddar, and it fustrates us that they’re no longer right. Before long, we’re forced to make a choice. Do we stick to the cheddar that we know, the old favourite apple pie, or do we choose the cammembert for good, knowing that we can never go back to the cheddar? (or ice cream). And do we need to voice this? Make an announcement.. “goodbye cheddar, hello cammembert!” that type of thing? Maybe we don’t. Maybe no one has to know at all. Except for us. And other cammemberts. But how we find them is a completely different cheeseboard all together…

I think that’s enough cheese for one day.



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