‘What will survive of us is love’

“What will survive of us is love.” Inspired by Phillip Larkin…

Our last instinct.
Our love survives in many ways.Our passion, the love that we’ve given through caring, gifts, thoughts, a simple kiss, the people we leave behind. Then there’s our love, the love that we’ve been given, even if not accepted or appreciated, it will continue to live on.

Whether we want it to or not.
Love of all kinds in intangible. Ask anyone, why they love what they love. The true answer will be inexpressible.

But the most important love of all is the love you have for yourself. Only you can find it. And only when you’re able to share the love that you love, will you make your mark on the world. Not the whole world, that would be dramatic. But just the bit around you.

The hardest part is finding it. But when you do, I think you know. Some people just know who they love and what they love. But for some of us it’s not that simple. Things change. YOU change. Things get in the way. But the most important thing is to be yourself. Trust yourself. Find out what you love and share it. Find it in others. After all, our similarities form the basis of all relationships. Love is so strong. And if it IS the only thing that survives of us, surely we’d be fools not to at least explore it.



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