Manifesto to Me.

This is taken from an assignment at college – to create a manifesto for ourselves, two years ago when we started… 

You’ve just started and after a Summer of looking forward to it, after a while,  you’ll feel slightly disappointed. Then this will turn into frustration, as you want more practical lessons to improve. There will be tears. You’ll find yourself in situations well out of your comfort zone and feel like you can’t do it. You’ll have dramas you never thought you would have and have surprising friendships. You’ll become unsure of the course, lose your focus and even be tempted to leave, but stick with it. It’ll all fall into place. If at times you can’t stand it and are reluctant to start dance assignments, stop thinking and procrastinating and just do it. You’ll surprise yourself at what you’ll enjoy, just don’t let your lack of confidence or scatty brain get in the way. Write. Throw yourself into things, with different people. Prepare for your dream to become realized and for it to coincide with everything you’ve been taught so far here. It won’t be easy, in fact, it”ll really screw your head up, as you try and decide what it is you want and what is realistic. Eventually, with time you’ll understand that sometimes you just have to let dreams go. Find another path. Build on your strengths. Most of us are never able to follow our true dreams, and that’s ok. In time you’ll realize what is important to you, and things will start to become clear. Stop being late, it won’t do you any favours. Prepare for these two years to bring out the worst in you, but it’ll also bring out the best. Sometimes the worst will beat the best but it’s all bad timing. Don’t beat yourself up. Get more sleep. Take the help when you need it. Listen to others. Speak up and help them too. At the end of the two years, there will be opportunities. Decide what one you want and take it. If at any time you’re not happy, change it. Don’t waste time. You’ll learn that time is precious, especially when you leave things to the last minute (which gets worse by the way, so don’t do it). Most of all, just enjoy it. Don’t wait until it’s all too late. This is what you’ve chosen, so make the most of it!



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