Too late?

Life can be cruel. 3 people: a daughter, a father, an uncle. People we love are taken from us too soon or too quickly, or people are taken from us and it’s not until they are gone that you start to think about the part they played in your life. The part they could have played, or the parts you could have let them played. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because they’re gone. It’s too late. You were too late. 20 minutes earlier and you could have said goodbye. Maybe you didn’t realize the urgency or how crucial it was for you to be there. Or maybe you did but a switch in your brain turned off your emotional reaction in order to protect you. Apparently that happens. Either way, you missed that chance. But what if you didn’t really need it, you felt that the person hadn’t played a significant part in your life, and vice versa? That you thought that you would prefer to have your last meeting of them as how you’ve remembered them your whole life? Even if you did lose contact, become distanced from the family.. A family that you grew apart from, due to circumstances.

Maybe it’s not too late. Maybe now’s the time to change that. To be a part of the family that have always been there, that you may have seen now and again but who’s presence has not been significant – until now. It’s said that a tragic event can bring people together, but what if it can? A loss is like the disturbance of still water. Not only is there the effect of the death to the love ones they’ve left behind, but it creates ripples, though their impact is smaller: on the brother – they had their differences but in moments of desperation have helped each other out, only for it to end, that how now you are perhaps the one he needs now more than ever, a slow realization – that life is short and you never know how long people are going to be there, carrying an opportunity for you to get to know them,  to play significant parts in each other’s lives.

Don’t leave it till it’s too late. There are people in our lives for a reason, isn’t it up to us to go and find out what that reason is? Or even if we never do find out, we’ve not wasted an opportunity to leave imprints on each others lives. Imprints that can help us, make us more fulfilled, even if we don’t realize it. But if we don’t we’ll never know. When the time comes – yours or theirs – what would you want to feel? That sense of being too late? or that fulfilment, that you embraced that opportunity to involve a person in your life. Learned, experienced and shared things that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Yes, life is short. So go and embrace the people in it. Because you never know when it’s going to be too late.



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