Everyone has a strength. It’s up to them whether they use it.

Everyone has that project, or that event that you just didn’t enjoy. Whether it be a school prom that you spent so much time planning and anticipating that you forgot actually to appreciate it, or that assignment that you really hated doing… and then surprised yourself at the result. Hang on a minute..!

Sometimes, although we feel our heart isn’t in it, it is. We just don’t realise it. And it’s not until we do that we begin to discover our own strengths. The things that are there all along, and will always be a part of us. But do they come at a price?

It may be enough for some people to get that self-satisfaction of a good result. But for others, they need the acknowledgement of others to get the same feeling. But why? Why isn’t our own acknowledgement good enough? It’s friends that we need that support from,  but even friends have ugly traits, given a situation. It’s situations that bring out our strengths, and our weaknesses – which all adds up to who we are. I think we can all say that somewhere along the line, we’ve been in a situation where we’ve exposed a weakness within ourselves. Because of the situation.

In business terms, in order to fulfil our potential we need to embrace our strengths and diminish our our weaknesses. But what if we don’t like the strength that’s been discovered of us? What if we don’t want to be that person? Do we have a choice? Maybe we can’t choose what our strengths, or our weaknesses are. But we do have more control over the situations we put ourselves in. To a point.. but we’ll leave that topic for another day. What is interesting is that we can’t choose whether to use our weaknesses, they just come to be. But we can choose whether to use our strengths. That choice is up to us.

So the ultimate question is, do we embrace them, for the price of adding it to we are and dealing with the consequences around us? Or do we choose not to fulfil our potential, for the fear of becoming somebody we don’t want to be? Because at the end of the day, why wouldn’t we want to embrace the school prom?



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