Manageable chunks

So I was at work the other day, which involved waiting by the intercom phone just in case it rang, and I started thinking..

Life is basically about three things:
  1. relationships (every sort)
  2. earning money
  3. doing something you enjoy

If you’re able to succeed in all three, I think you’ll be the happiest person in the world.

But not only is this near impossible (unless you’re very lucky) it’s how you go about it. You could either  try and strike gold and get paid for something you enjoy, or put up with what you do to earn money so that you can afford the things that you enjoy. Whether that be regular west end breaks and cruises, or weekly tennis classes or shopping trips. Everyone needs something to keep them ticking over, and for some this is more than others. What if this isn’t enough? And then there’s relationships – everyone needs a stable support network. Will you go out of your way to meet new people for potential friendships and to find that ‘special someone’? Or will you rely on fate, and find them on your way?

With or without knowing it, we constantly assess all three. Again, some more times than others. Because the fact is, nothing remains consistent. You may begin questioning that whether doing what you enjoy will earn you a sufficient income, or realise that getting it is not going to be easy or straightforward, or even successful. You may lose the people that you once relied on – in one way or another. Or worse still, experience all three. But it’s up to you to fix it again. Restore the balance. Maybe you’ll kill two birds with one stone, or take a different approach. The important thing to remember, is that’ it’s impossible to try and succeed in everything at the same time. Like a wise friend told me, it’s all about manageable chunks.



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